Educational Technology

It was interesting to hear everyone’s take on their experiences with Educational Technology. Although many of these were before my time (90s baby, don’t hate!) I was still familiar with quite a few because of my older sisters and my parents. Looking back, I remember playing Microsoft’s ‘Dangerous Creatures‘ day after day: ‘Why, it’s a jungle out here! So many frightening creatures!’ Another educational game was ‘All the Right Type’. My elementary school had Typing Class and every single day we would compete for Fuzzy Peaches by reaching the fastest WPM. Fun fact: instead of pushing submit, old computerjust click refresh to try the same test over and over and over without showing your original score–yes, I was a little cheater but I really liked Fuzzy Peaches, guys.

Around the age of 10 my parents decided to get dial up internet (I still remember the noise it made when connecting). This is when everything changed for me because I was introduced to email, msn, ICQ & this whole new world of connecting with people–so much fun to think about. After all, there is nothing quite as  embarrassing as remembering your first email address (mine was…please feel free to share yours in the comments…I will laugh with you, not at you!).

If I were defining Educational Technology today I would say it is a learning tool used by teachers and students to help engagement in and out of the classroom. Some of the ways I have used Educational Technology as a teacher include: iMovie for a digital social dance project , skill analysis using Coach’s Eye, and Weebly for Education so students can blog about their fitness journey. Incorporating technology into the classroom is definitely an interest of mine, even though many see Physical Education as a good time for students to ‘disconnect’. However, it is my responsibility as a teacher to tailor my classes around ideas my students are interested in and if technology fits into that category I will incorporate it into class. I really enjoyed this article by Jarrod Robinson from PEGeeks about why it is important to have technology in the gymnasium: ‘It does not matter that we teach in different curriculum models. The important thing to understand is that we are part of the same world and dealing with students who are shaped by technology.’

In the readings assigned this week, I was particularly intrigued by some of Neil Postman’s points in his article Five Things We Need to Know About Technological Change. In his fourth idea, ‘technological change is not addictive; it is ecological’ Postman is basically saying that technology advances at a rapid pace and is constantly changing but we have to keep up and evolve WITH it. It’s true. Just as soon as I learn about an #EduTech tool to use in the classroom, there is always something new and shiny introduced that is ‘better’. This isn’t a bad thing though as it keeps me on my toes and I am constantly learning. He also says, ‘the consequences of technological change are always vast, often unpredictable and largely irreversible.’ With this being said, I am not a big fan of irreversibility as I recently made the HUGE mistake of updating to iOS10……..

……sigh, this too shall pass 😦


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