Scattered Vlog about Online Learning

Here are my scattered thoughts on this weeks material and blog prompt.

Thanks for watching!


12 thoughts on “Scattered Vlog about Online Learning

  1. Great vlog Tyson! Very impressive that you taught yourself to play guitar from YouTube! I hadn’t really thought of distance learning from an informal perspective. My first distance ed was taking Indig 100 online. It was definitely what Audrey Watters would call “programmed instruction” but I actually quite enjoyed it because I could learn at my own pace.


    • Great post, Tyson! Teacher by day – performer by night. Great singing and playing. I always thought of online learning as a class so you’ve helped me widen my scope to things such as YouTube which now seems perfectly obvious! I feel inspired to vlog myself. Did you use a program to make it? I don’t even know how to put that first title in like you did …. need some instruction!


      • Thanks, Naomi & Natalie. I just used iMovie and uploaded the video to YouTube. I had some issues at first because it was private so make sure you change that before posting your blog.


  2. WOW Tyson! What a great accomplishment teaching your self to play guitar and you have a wonderful singing voice. Thanks for sharing. My earliest memory of distance learning is similar to yours where you basically get assignments and submit them. I like this format much more and find that my learning has extended far beyond what I ever thought. I remember my first blog with Alec and having to learn how to make a post! Wow how far we have come.
    Again thanks for sharing your musical gift and creativity 🙂

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  4. As part of Alec’s EC&I 831 class we had to try and learn a new skill online for our major project. I tried to learn Italian having no prior experience with it. I was actually able to learn quite a bit but never became fluent. As much as the apps, websites, youtube and socia media helped me along the way, they didn’t compare to practicing face to face and speaking the language with someone. There were a few great sites like WeSpeke that allow you to connect with people online to chat or video chat to practice the language. It’s pretty incredible what you can teach yourself online. Great job teaching yourself how to play. You are much better at playing than I am at speaking Italian. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Way to go Tyson! You did great- loved that you shared your online learning with YouTube and the guitar!

    I don’t think there were too many ‘umms’ nor do I think that your thoughts were scattered.

    To answer your question about my first experience with online learning after I thought about it, I realized I too went to YouTube when I taught myself how to knit!

    After I finish my classes, I think my next online learning project will be learning guitar as well.

    Thanks for sharing!


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