Assessment With A Competitive Twist

After learning so many great things from my partners this week, I found it difficult to choose just one tool to try out. I am going to be honest, I do not incorporate as much technology into my Phys Ed classes as I would like to. I have never used Kahoot before but I have seen it used at assembly so I thought I would try it out with my Credit 20 class as a recap to what he had learned about the benefits of Cross Fit Relays from Level 10 Fitnessk

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I found the Kahoot website very user friendly and I really liked the option of sharing and using Kahoots that have already been made by other educators—I really wish I would have known about this several years ago as I stumbled upon Macbeth Act quizzes displayed on the main page. Kahoot puts a somewhat competitive spin on learning and I found that students were challenging each other with their score. Now, this might seem like something most educators would want to avoid, however, in a class that most definitely has a competitive element ingrained in it, this was very suiting. On top of this, the questions were used as formative assessment to see that students were listening to instructors and they were immediately given the answer to reinforce the lesson if they answered it wrong. When reading the article ‘Beyond Grades: Do Games Have a Future As Assessment Tools?’ I was reminded that ‘game play could provide insight the way students think as they explore new concepts’. Although this article spoke mostly about video games, I know many of my students who play games like Trivia Crack which is very similar to Kahoot. Finding ways to make those connections to students is crucial. The way students learn best may not be the way we have traditionally taught beforehand but it is our responsibility to teach to different learning styles.

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One of the best parts about Kahoot is that I was able to use it as a management strategy as well. For those of who have never taken 28 Grade 11 students on a field trip, it can be very loud and the conversations can be very inappropriate. With bringing my iPad on the bus and connecting it to my hotspot, I was able to immediately run my Kahoot after leaving Level 10 (luckily I had already been to Level 10 with another class so I knew what was covered). The students were fully engaged, even right after finishing a grueling workout. I also like the feature of being able to boot them out of the room if they choose an inappropriate name. Although this is not a new concept, I don’t find many flaws with using it in a Phys Ed setting—the kids love it, its user friendly, and it allows me to immediately check their learning.



5 thoughts on “Assessment With A Competitive Twist

  1. What a great idea! I would have never thought of doing a Kahoot as part of a bus ride home from a field trip. It sounds like it was a great way to review content and manage behaviours.


  2. Great integration of Kahoot! I remember having to write quizzes after credit PE outings, this sounds far more exciting. I also really like how you used it to manage your students on the bus. Well done!


  3. Gospod Vidovič mi je ravnokar potrdil – nedelja 11.5. ob 16.00 tekma NK Radvanje:NK Atp&eitaml;Co Maribor. Eno uro prej je zbor torej ob 3eh, da se malo ogrejemo. Fino bi blo, ce bi kdo lahko zrihatal 11 enakih dresov ali majc … smo na vezi!


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