Summary of Learning EC&I 833

Hello everyone,

Here is my summary of learning for EC&I 833:

Thanks for watching!!


9 thoughts on “Summary of Learning EC&I 833

  1. Your Summary of Learning was enjoyable to watch Tyson. Bravo for being able to summarize your learning in all twelve weeks in just over 5 minutes! It was very well-organized and to-the-point. If anyone was interested in taking this course and wanted to know more about it I would send them this video to watch.


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  3. Great summary, Tyson! You included a lot of information in a short amount of time, and it is both easy to follow and easy to understand. It runs smoothly and your audio is very easy to hear. Great work!


  4. Great summary! Something I had yet to think about was using youtube is basically distance learning. Great point. I also really like your idea with supporting EAL students in your school through the use of technology. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Great summary Tyson! Although I really enjoyed your song in Marc’s class your video is a close second. Your summary was detailed and to the point. Great having you in both my classes and I wish you all the best in the future! Oh and when your a famous rock star don’t forget the little guys along the way:)
    Cheers Benita


  6. pÃ¥ läxhjälp för den som inte redan rÃ¥kar känna rätt personer. Dels – det är förvisso inte givet att läxor alltid är vägen till framgÃ¥ng, men ja, det kan inte uteslutas att nÃ¥gon elev nÃna¥ostgns tack vare rut kommer förbättra sina


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  8. I know how you frustrating that can be to spend time writing something out, only to have it disappear for whatever reason. It’s happened to me too. So what I do now, at least when “crafting” longer more detailed responses, is use a simple text editor like NotePad or TextPad. That way I can save my work as I write. Then when I’m done, I just cut and paste the message into the comment box here at the blog, and submit.


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